Karenn - 'Sheworks004' EP

Karenn - 'Sheworks004' EP

The Artist/EP: Karenn, SHEWORKS004 (Works The Long Nights, 2012)

Our Review: Certainly their most defining work to date, the duo of Blawan and Pariah convey their collaborative energy and find the darkness within their hardware setup to present this six-track collection of controlled-techno-chaos. While their Karenn project stands on its own legs with a recently unveiled live show, this double pack signifies the amalgamation of what those lucky listeners would experience live. Whether that be torrid, thumping tweaks (“Sailing Solvents”) or churning klaxons on a techno railroad (“A Room Full of Fuck All), the experience is immense in its sonic grasp. The latter half of the release ascends the tempos to something reminiscent of golden era British techno; however Karenn’s one-take live tracking turns these last three tracks into a peak-time riot at a dark club near you.

It’s astonishing, frightening and indelible in its effect on the techno psyche, and hopefully hanger-ons from the bass music world will join the dark side that Karenn has inhabited quite comfortably. Mitch Strashnov

Available At: Bleep · Boomkat · Juno · Piccadilly

Sample all six songs below…