EDITOR’S PICK: No Joy, “Lunar Phobia”

No Joy - 'Wait to Pleasure'
No Joy
Photo: Saad Al-Hakkak + Shaun Durkan

As their label readily admits in a press release, No Joy still have their heads stuck in the clouds on Wait to Pleasure. Which is fine; if the rest of the record sounds like its lead single, the band’s echo-laden, feedback-engulfed sound just got bumped up a few notches, as if someone had just sprung for a hi-def TV after years of watching a set from the ’70s. The reason’s simple: No Joy have never developed their songs in a fully furnished studio environment before, and while that led to a battery acid blast of reverential shoegaze revivalism on 2010’s Ghost Blonde LP, it’s refreshing to hear the trio’s inherent hooks fleshed out with a fuller palette this time around. Pianos, keyboards, drum programming–that sort of thing.

Get lost in “Lunar Phobia” down below…

No Joy - 'Wait to Pleasure'

No Joy, Wait to Pleasure (Mexican Summer, April 23rd):
1. E
2. Hare Tarot Lies
3. Prodigy
4. Slug Night
5. Blue Neck Riviera
6. Lizard Kids
7. Lunar Phobia
8. Wrack Attack
9. Ignored Pets
10. Pleasure
11. Uhy Yuoi You