Fennesz Announces First New Album in Five Years, Agora


Christian Fennesz has announced his first new album in five years. Due out March 29th through Touch, Agora finds the composer returning to his roots with a pared-down production setup and a focused blend of field recordings, manipulated vocals, and mangled riffs.

“It’s a simple story,” he explains. “I had temporarily lost a proper studio workspace and had to move all my gear back to a small bedroom in my flat where I recorded this album. It was all done on headphones, which was rather a frustrating situation at first but later on it felt like back in the day when I produced my first records in the 1990s. In the end it was inspiring. I used very minimal equipment; I didn’t even have the courage to plug in all the gear and instruments which were at my disposal. I just used what was to hand.”

Check out a medley of the album’s four tracks below, and LTO’s personal essay on Fennesz’s classic Endless Summer album on our new ambient site: