Fiedel Makes Us a
Groovy Mix In the Spirit
of His Berghain Sets

Words + Mix FIEDEL

When I was asked if I’d like to contribute a mix to this series, I immediately had an idea: More Power to the Beat!

The rhythm of the beat is what makes my body move. As a DJ, I try to persuade the audience to dance to music I like to dance to myself. At today’s techno parties, a straight and simple beat is very much appreciated, but I always work on applying a certain complexity and grooviness to the dancefloor.

I wanted to focus on this grooviness with this mix, so I chose tracks that have a rhythmically enhanced structure. From the outside they appear kind of laid-back sometimes, but inside there is a lot of action going on. And this is exactly what turns me on.

The first track I had in mind was “Obsessed Mit Tech” by Elbee Bad, which came out last week on my label Super Sound Tool. It relentlessly pushes you forward, so you can’t resist moving. Other tracks were some lighter groovers for the intro like “For Us All” by Omar-S and “Africa” by Osunlade. Besides some classic producers, I chose tracks that I don’t play out that often, like “Calvino Italo” by Cc or “Local Dialect” by Noleian Reusse. “Fuse Box” by Robert Armani is one of my all-time favorites and hits very hard.

Altogether, the mix covers a time range of about 30 years. The groove doesn’t get old….

Omar-S – For Us All [FXHE]
Osunlade – Africa [Yoruba]
Cc – Calvino Italo [CGI]
Brother’s Vibe – Like It Used To Be [MIxx]
Paperclip People – Reach [Touché]
Noleian Reusse – Local Dialect [Black Tekno]
Rhythm Is Rhythm – Move It (Only Mix) [Transmat]
Bango – Ritual Beating System (Systematic Mix) [Fragile]
Random Noise Generation – Echelon [430 West]
Mike Dearborn – Drum Illusion [Djax-Up-Beats]
Lester Fitzpatrick – B-Trak [Relief Records]
Elbee Bad – Obsessed Mit Tech [Super Sound Tool]
Gypsymen – Da Bango [Loudhouse]
Rhythmus Günther – Me No Problems Cut [Rhythmus Günther]
DJ Sneak – Tribal Wounds [83 West Music]
DJ Rush – Mo Power [Circuit]
DJ Sneak – Percolate This Track [Cajual]
Robert Armani – Fuse Box [ACV]
Playboy – A Paco Di Bango’s World (Dub Mix) [Tag]
Moodyman – The Dancer [KDJ]
Shake – March Into Darkness [Frictional]

Fiedel is a resident DJ at Berghain, the host of the popular Berlin party Wax Treatment, and Errorsmith’s other half in MMM. Check out his latest projects and live dates here, along with details on Super Sound Tool, “a vinyl-only imprint dedicated to high quality, perfectly mastered, professionally pressed, and purely functional techno records designed specifically for big systems.”