FLOOR PUNCH: The View From the Pit of Kylesa’s First Basement Show in Forever

[Photos by Andrew Parks; slideshow available here]

Token heckler statement: “Why don’t you play some more Drive Like Jehu covers, you emo pussies!”

To be clear, Tournament are not weak-willed descendants of Dashboard Confessional. Unfortunately, they’re also not Kylesa, the sludge-slinging, crust-punk-catering Savannah band that made a rare back-to-basics appearance in the Charleston‘s basement last night. Yes, basement–the kind of overstuffed spot that encourages pinball-like mosh pits and holds 100 people, tops.

Needless to say, self-titled happily revisited our Buffalo hardcore roots as we fired off shots from the floor and dodged quite a few sucker punches. Tournament was tight, Tombs was fierce (as in, really really heavy, not the Christian Siriano definition), and Kylesa was incredible.

Be sure to watch our daily site and upcoming digital issues for more from Tombs and Kylesa, as both bands are about to release serious Top 10 contenders for extreme music aficiandos. (Tombs is prepping their Relapse debut for a February 17 release, and Kylesa just completed their Static Tensions LP for a March 17 street date. Both are highly recommended.)

Now, onto the windmills and drop kicks …

The “emo pussies” in Tournament

Mike Hill of Tombs

The Kylesa-induced chaos begins