Francis Harris Launches Kingdoms Label For Reissues and Experimental Records

Francis Harris

Now that Francis Harris has officially retired his Frank & Tony project with Scissor and Thread co-founder Anthony Collins, the Brooklyn producer has finally revealed his next major project. Launching this fall with a new Aris Kindt LP, Kingdoms is described as “an eclectic new platform for adventurous music ranging from new voices in club-inflected jazz, contemporary composition, ambient, and electronic music to reissues of little-known obscurities from across the musical spectrum.”

“I felt that working within the confines of more club-inflected music that defined Scissor and Thread’s output was a bit limiting,” explains Harris. “Kingdoms is a bit more of a reflection of all my musical tastes.”

As for that Aris Kindt album, expect a natural progression from the pair’s (rounded out by guitarist Gabe Hedrick) Floods full-length a few years back. “[It] continues the focus on heavily saturated ambient, noise and shoegaze with a tinge of Basic Channel,” says Harrison. “More than anything, we wanted to further explore music that has a physical impact on the body. There is a tactile feel to the sound, so much so that you feel you can grab it.”

For a closer look at where Harris’ creative head is at these days, check out a couple recent podcasts that lean heavily on the ambient and experimental side of the spectrum….

the humble bee – (n-1)!
tindersticks – gathering moss
otto a totland – aquet
suso saiz – ceniza humedia
slavish amini – face on the sand
mokira – about last step and scale
jonny nash & suzanne kraft – inside
pan•american – amulls
dean blunt – dread
brandon wolcott and emil abrayam – old beginnings
robert turman – flux 1
huerco s – a sea of love
dean blunt – V
dj sprinkles – reverse rotation
carsten jost – ambush
buttha – ambient morning
shinichi atobe- world
floating points – monteparnasse
zadig – secret appointment
kassem mosse – untitled B1 (workshop 03)
hector plimmer – lets stay (francis harris dub)

bvdub -so far from home (for jr)
aris kindt – new gods of prudence
tim hecker – a stop at the chord cascade
jasper tx – sleeping rivers
donato wharton – my orange jacket
gigi masin – the nylon dollar
anais nin – under the glass bell
juju a.k.a moochy – re-momenos kunuyiki rmx
jouem – radiance
francis harris – more we cannot do
ost – itz
matthew herbert – leigpzig
arwio – live to earth
dorisburg – bubblebed
christine ott – sorrow/ lovers dance
huerco s – untitled
luc ferrari – tingeuly
anais nin – under the glass bell (part 2)
isolee – western edits (villalobos remix)