While it’s nearly impossible to make sense of all the music that floods our mailbox, inbox, and various Web browsers every day–not to mention the shelves at self-titled‘s favorite record stores–we’re constantly looking for artists who make us stop what we’re doing and actually listen. Here’s one of them:

The Artist/Album: Blouse, Blouse (Captured Tracks, 2011)

The Vibe: Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s bassist (Jacob Portrait) provides the low end lashings in a steely, synth-glazed landscape that reminds us of the closing film credits from many a moody ’80s film. It’s more than that, though–quite possibly one of last year’s most overlooked acts in the not-quite-new-wave department.

RIYL: Graveyard sock hops; glassy eyes; synths that’re so expressive they oughta get a guest vocalist credit

Available At: Amazon · Insound · iTunes · Spotify