I WAS THERE: Municipal Waste Remind Us of Keg Stands and Denim Vests With Back Patches At Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory

Words and Photos by Andrew Parks

The Artist & Their Latest Release: Municipal Waste, Massive Aggressive (Earache, 2009)

The Show: Knitting Factory Brooklyn, 4.23.10

The Set In a Few Sentences: “Does anyone wanna hear ‘Boner City’?” Cue a round of applause and approval.

That pretty much sums up this, and every, Municipal Waste show–a room full of total dudes and kids who weren’t even born when …And Justice For All came out, circle-pitting, floor-punching, and double-fisting the night away to the tune of neo-thrash anthems that borrow more than a few chords and cues from Agnostic Front, S.O.D. and Anthrax. All in good fun, as they say. After all, what other band would have the balls to sell actual sweatpants, bandanas, trucker hats and beer Koozies in their merch store? Not to mention a shirt that says, “Smoke Beer!”…whatever that means.

And a Letter Grade: B+