If You Like Burial, You’ll Love … Desolate

Sven Weisemann

Sven Weisemann

Ever hear a record that reminds you of another artist, only different on enough levels to keep things from sounding truly derivative? Here’s one:

The Artist/Album: Desolate, The Invisible Insurrection (Fauxpas Musik, 2011)

Why It’s Worth a Listen: While the chemtrails of Burial’s heartbroken beats cut through Sven Weisemann’s spectral vocal samples, cracked bullet casings and rickety drum loops, his background as a multi-instrumentalist and composer can be felt in Desolate’s immediate grasp of melody and piano-driven impressionism. Beautiful stuff, although you may want to use it sparingly on 4 a.m. subway rides due to just how devastating some of the material is.

The Record It Reminds Us Of: Burial, Untrue (Hyperdub, 2007)