If You Like Grouper, You’ll Love … Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Ever hear a record that reminds you of another artist, only different on enough levels to keep things from sounding truly derivative? Here’s one:

The Artist/Album: Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Luminaries & Synastry (Digitalis, 2011)

The Record It Reminds Us Of: Grouper, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill (Type, 2008)

The Story Behind the Songs: As much as we adore Liz Harris’ shadow play songs, we still haven’t explored her two new full-lengths out of the fear that she may have spread Grouper’s sound a bit thin. Rachel Evans has released a hefty stack of small pressings and side projects, but both of her Digitalis albums–starting with last year’s Seeping Through the Veil of Unconscious–have been absolute must-listens. Like Harris, Evans has a tendency to shroud her melancholic melodies in smoke rings and soupy cloud formations, but she brings in more elements of electronic music and ambient noise, making her weightless compositions feel like a fever dream at the end of time. Listen to it at the end of the a long day and we’ll promise you’ll fall asleep with a smile on your face.

Available At: Bandcamp · Forced Exposure