Eliane Radigue’s ‘Adnos’ Trilogy Gets Important Records Reissue

Having recently rediscovered the deeply meditative drone music of Eliane Radigue, we were saddened to see one of the composer’s key cumulative works—the Adnos trilogy, which was completed in the 1980 and reissued by Table of the Elements in 2002—trading hands for more than $200 on Amazon and eBay. Lucky for us, the fine folks over at Important Records have announced a heavy duty repressing of the 3-CD set, complete with “extensive archival materials.” Due out September 28th, it can be sampled via an audio-visual college below…

Eliane Radigue - 'Adnos I - III'

Eliane Radigue, Adnos I-III (Important, September 28th):
1. Adnos I
2. Adnos II
3. Adnos III