Intelligentsia Unveils Madlib’s Limited Espresso Blend, Their Latest In a Line of Collabs With Stones Throw Records

If there’s one spot we make sure to hit every time we’re in L.A.–besides Amoeba, Vacation Vinyl, and lots of taco trucks–it’s Intelligentsia Coffee, the city’s leading caffeine dispensary. As you might have noticed on Stones Throw‘s label showcase tour last year, they’re apparently hooked on the place as well; enough to approve a limited Stones Throw House Blend, a freshly-roasted batch of Oh No-linked “Ethiopium” coffee, and now this, bags of Madlib-endorsed espresso beans.

According to the label up above, it’s a “syrupy, sweet offering that has kept him awake long enough to average an album-per-day over the last three years.”

So that‘s why we’re currently enjoying his Medicine Show series, eh? We can dig it. In fact, we wouldn’t mind if a self-titled reader or two could score us a pound or two in Pasadena tonight, after “sampling” a loop digga latte at its alcohol-and-DJ-assisted premiere. Check out the invite after the jump…