Jessy Lanza’s Favorite Records & Films

DJ Rashad - 'Double Cup'

My favorite record this year was DJ Rashad’s Double Cup. The tracks go from menacing to sentimental and overall, it just doesn’t sound like anything else that’s out right now. I love how some tracks are based around one sample—like in “Everybody,” he takes a sample that’s not musical and creates a whole track around it. The same goes for “I Don’t Give A Fuck.” Then there are tracks like “Show U How” and “Let U Know,” which use really soulful R&B vocals. I can’t think of a record I listened to more in 2013.

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Top 5 Records of 2013:

1. Fantasia (ft. Kelly Rowland + Missy Elliott), “Without Me”
This track blew me away. I had no idea Fantasia was even making music anymore.

2. Legowelt, “Teen Romance”
I just really like everything he puts out. The melodies in this track are so weird.

3. Drake, Nothing Was the Same
I really like Drake and I thought this whole album was really good.

4. TeeFlii, “U Can Get It”
I love Teeflii’s voice and this track was produced by DJ Mustard, who is amazing.

5. Ignorant, “Funkinevil”
Best rolling bass line of 2013.

Virgo - 'Virgo'

Top 5 Rediscoveries:

1. Zhane, “Request Line”
2. Patrice Rushen, “Haven’t You Heard”
3. Carmen, “Time to Move”
4. Cherelle, “Fragile”
5. Virgo, Virgo

'Elysium' film poster

Top 5 Films of 2013:

I didn’t get to the theatre too much this year, but when I did go, it always ended up being a sci-fi or horror movie. This wasn’t intentional and the movies ranged from okay to awesome, so I’m going to list them from favorite to lesser favorite…

1. Elysium
I thought this movie did a really good job of making earth look like a total shit hole, and also gave Jodie Foster a chance to play someone really evil.

2. Gravity
Could have turned the sound off on this one and it would’ve been even more amazing.

3. World War Z
Zombies were kind of like the raptors in Jurassic Park, which was cool.

4. The Conjuring
I watched this movie on a plane and it still scared me.

5. Pacific Rim
This movie was a so-so version of this. Idris Elba was in it though, so that made it better.