Kool Keith Announces ‘Love & Danger’ LP, Retires From Rap Game

Kool Keith

In what may not come as a surprise to longtime fans, Kool Keith has bookended his latest album (Love & Danger, out June 5th through Junkadelic) with a song that’s simply called “Goodbye Rap.” In a press statement, the underground icon elaborated, saying,  “This is probably my last project. You just got the last of the vocals of me. I’m quitting the game. Goodbye, rap.”

Whether this means he’s done with music altogether is anyone’s guess. After all, we’re talking about one of hip-hop’s most eccentric MCs here, a guy who wrote a stone-cold classic under the guise of an galaxy-hopping gynecologist. Either way, Keith is promising a parting shot that’s more experimental than his last couple efforts. “The Love & Danger album was a chance for me to be myself and do different things,” he says. “It was me going through all kinds of temperatures–my highest of coldness to my highest of hotness, which is a lot like love and danger.”

Check out a video and free MP3 download of a remix from the record’s leading single, the hometown tribute “New York,” below…