LISTEN: Fort Romeau, “Love (Dub)”

Fort Romeau - 'SW9' 12''

Fort Romeau - 'SW9' 12'' Well it looks like Fort Romeau–he of the essential 100% Silk album and La Roux’s live band–has signed to Ghostly International’s Spectral Sound imprint for a new 12”. Due out March 11th, “SW9” is described as “a warm and affectionate take on the sound of Chicago house, mixing thick analog pad sounds with a 4/4 kick that’s insistent without ever being overpowering, skittering hi-hat sounds and an beautifully uplifting vocal sample. The production is lush and multi-layered, giving the track a warmth that’s absent from so much of contemporary dance music.”

Also available on the limited single is a “jittery, edgy” remix from Lowtec and the following track: “Love (Dub),” a rhythmic joy ride through friendly skies as the sun begins to set.