LISTEN: Holly Herndon, “Fade (NHK Remix)”

NHK's Holly Herndon remix

NHK's Holly Herndon remixAs heady as Holly Herndon‘s debut album (Movement, available now through RVNG Intl.) is, we wish it had more tracks like “Fade.” Meaning: tortured techno that applies the composer/producer’s classical training in a way that’s warm, woozy and welcoming. It’s as if we just wandered into the peak hour point of a DJ set in a warehouse on the very outskirts of Berlin, and as Herndon’s samples gain in speed, we can’t help but get pulled into the tractor beam of her black-lit beats.

Enter NHK then, with a remix that’s even more manic than its source material. Can someone press this on a heavy one-sided slab of vinyl please? Thanks.