Stream Gold Panda’s New ‘Trust’ EP

Gold Panda's 'Trust' EP
Gold Panda @ BEMF
Photo: Andrew Parks

One of the most pleasant surprises we experienced over the past couple months was the reaction Gold Panda got at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. While we knew the producer has a strong cult following, we had no idea what a floor-filler he is live. Rather than rely on a couple controllers and a laptop, his set was a spastic display of skewered samples, erratically spun dials and knobs, and loops that seemed to levitate the entire crowd.

Now we’ve got word of an EP (Trust) that dropped out of the blue today digitally, with plans for a vinyl pressing on March 5th. If Album No. 2 is as killer as the following tracks, Gold Panda will be one of the year’s convincing cases for crossover status…

Gold Panda's 'Trust' EP