DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Yeasayer, “Henrietta”

So we just got the following message from Yeasayer:

Hello Dear FRIENDS.

It has been some time since we communicated using e—–mail…we hope you are living well.

You might be unaware, but recently we snail mailed 200 random people on our mailing list a compact disc of our new song “Henrietta.” We wanted you, the people who have supported us, the chance to hear and spread the new song first before the press got the track. In other words, we wanted to give you “firsties.” Though it’s seeped it’s way through the internet, we wanted to make sure you had a link to get a high quality version of “Henrietta:”


Called a “soft launch” in the industry, the release of “Henrietta” initializes the beginning of Phase 3, as in full length #3. We are about to make an announcement tomorrow morning (NYC time) through the major press receptors who will relay the information to the masses. Please be ready for this offering and spread the information. Your support has built this ship!

More news soon on various amazing things as we rev up the engines.

As always, much love.

x. Yeasayer.

More as things develop!