LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Tangerine Dream, ‘Rubycon’

Tangerine Dream - 'Rubycon' Cover

Tangerine Dream - 'Rubycon' CoverThe Artist/Album: Tangerine Dream, Rubycon (Virgin, 1975)

Our Review: As prolific as Tangerine Dream have been since the late ’60s, it’s easy to drill their daunting discography down to a couple key releases: namely 1974’s Phaedra LP and its swiftly released follow-up, Rubycon. Essentially one experimental piece spread over two 17-minute sides, it’s like an Emeralds record with Mark McGuire’s guitars on mute, drifting through pockets of polluted air and dredging up dollops of ectoplasm much like what’s on the sleeve to your left. Not easy listening by any means, but it’s hypnotic and heady nonetheless.

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