M.I.A. Disses Lynn Hirschberg On New “I’m a Singer” Track, Shares the Truth Behind Truffled Fries-Gate On ‘New York Times’ Tape

Now here’s an guffaw-worthy development in the ongoing feud between M.I.A. and former New York Times editor-at-large Lynn Hirschberg: a diss track called “I’m a Singer.”

Well, we think it is. After all, the song includes the following line: “Why the hell would journalists be thick as shit/Because lies equal power equals politics,” and makes sure to mention a shit-talking Ivy Leaguer who also happens to be an  word-twisting “racist.”

Hmmm….M.I.A.’s “War Crimes and French Fries” blog post also chips away at one of Hirschberg’s weaker claims about the star’s politically-charged pop–that a truffled French fry lunch means she’s a hypocrite. While we agree that M.I.A.’s messages are often as an half-baked as a basement full of junior high ‘anarchists’, Hirschberg’s food references come off as nothing but cheap shots. Especially now that M.I.A.’s shared the beginning of their interview, which starts with Hirschberg saying, “I’ve been begging to see you for a year,” and pointing out how their meeting place features…three “elaborate” kinds of French fries. And guess who insists on buying a basket of the stuff? Hirschberg.

Yep, things keeps getting more and more juvenile, with M.I.A. refusing to let the story go and neither side admitting what they’re getting out of this fiasco: a lot of free press. Speaking of, you can read the entire New York Times magazine cover story here.