Malachai Announce Second Album, ‘Return To the Ugly Side’

Photo by Aaron Richter

It’s taken one name change (from Malakai to Malachai) and repeatedly delayed reissue (see: the year that separated the domestic and import editions of the Bristol duo’s debut, Ugly Side of Love), but Domino has finally confirmed the February 22 release of Malachai’s second LP, Return To the Ugly Side. Check out the cover and full tracklisting after the jump, along with a new song and exclusive mixtape from self-titled‘s early days…

Malachai, Return To the Ugly Side:
1. Monsters
2. Anne
3. Mid Antarctica (Wearin’ Sandals)
4. Rainbows (feat. Katy Wainwright)
5. In The Hole
6. (My) Ambulance
7. Distance
8. Monster
9. The Don’t Just
10. How You Write
11. Let ‘Em Fall
12. No More Rain No Maureen
13. Snake Eyes
14. HyberNation