Maria Minerva Announces New ‘Histrionic’ Album, Shares “The Beginning”

Maria Minerva

Maria Minerva has announced her new album for Not Not Fun, Histrionic. Due out April 29th, it’s the first effort the Estonian singer/producer has recorded in the U.S.

“I moved here in 2012,” Minerva said in a recent interview, “and people might perceive that I’ve been easy going about it, but in reality it’s been a huge change. I spent the past year settling and familiarizing myself with the city. The idea of New York that I had initially is still in the back of my head, and when I go to Manhattan or take a taxi I see what I imagined. But the reality of it … It took me about a year to wrap my mind around the situation that I had put myself in.

She continued, “Eventually, I felt like it was high time to start recording again, but I kept making stuff and discarding it, so it took more than a year to get the whole thing together. Now, I almost feel like it’s behind me, but it hasn’t even come out yet. The thing with albums is that they always come out with such a delay. In my mind I’ve already moved on.”

What’s next you wonder? Like many artists here in Brooklyn, it may very well be a move to LA. In the meantime, here’s “The Beginning”; check out more recent music from Minerva here