Martial Canterel
“And I Thought”

Martial Canterel

While he’s perhaps best known as one-half of Xeno & Oaklander—a downcast synth-pop duo that released their latest album a little over three months ago—Sean McBride has also spent the past 12 years sculpting a dizzying array of solo work under the name Martial Canterel.

Now signed to Dais and ready to release a new record (Gyors, Lassú) on October 28th, the project has recently moved in a noisier direction that fuses McBride’s melancholic body music with sawed-off sine waves and dollops of distortion. See: the record’s lead single “And I Thought,” premiering exclusively down below…

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Gyors, Lassú:
1. And I Thought
2. Budapest II
3. Baltic Coast
4. Kangaroo Court
5. Bulvár
6. Gyors, Lassú
7. Teano
8. Unwritten