The first YOU. album to feature a four-piece—frontman Trever Millay and synth/drum sculptor Brad Taormina, rounded out by guitarist Scott Kiernan and bassist Lee Lichtsinn—also happens to be the post-punk band’s most welcoming work, a place that’s powered by steam engines yet expressed through red-blooded riffs, industrial strength melodies and heat-seeking hooks. The track premiere below is a perfect example; chugging along a roughly hewn keyboard line, Millay seems to be in a race against time or some uncertain future, and we’re right there with him.

Have a listen to “Feral” here, and look out for the rest of Sunchaser on August 26 through Dais

YOU. tour dates:
8/21 Atlanta, GA – TBA *
8/22 New Orleans, LA – The Saint %
8/23 Austin, TX – TBA
8/27 St. Louis, MO – TBA
8/28 Chicago, Il – Burlington Bar
8/30 Detroit, MI – Garden Bowl
9/9 Brooklyn, NY – Palisades #
10/8 New York, NY – Nothing Changes

* with Death Domain)
% with Kindest Lines)
# with Starred)