Matthew Dear Relaunches Audion Project With New Album, Best-Of Compilation

Considering how deviant and dark underground dance music has gotten over the past few years, it doesn’t just seem appropriate that Matthew Dear has a new Audion album and live A/V tour on the way in 2014. It’s necessary, a not-so-gentle reminder of just how mad-for-it Dear’s music can be when he’s not going a more avant-pop route on his song-driven solo records.

This week’s gate-crashing “Motormouth” single is a perfect example. Beginning with a battering ram beat and backwashed synths, it wastes no time aiming its sights squarely on the floor even as it threatens to spiral completely out of control. Check it out below, and look out for its inclusion next monthon X, a catalog-skimming Audion compilation that includes 16 previously released slabs of tectonic techno and two new tracks…

Audion's 'X' compilation

Audion, X (Spectral Sound, December 10th):
1. Motormouth *
2. Sky *
3. Cloth (Just A Couch)
4. Mouth to Mouth
5. Noiser
6. Look At the Moon
7. Fred’s Bells
8. Billy Says Go
9. Kisses
10. The Pong
11. Titty Fuck
12. It’s Full of Blinding Light
13. I Am the Car
14. Just Fucking
15. Your Place Or Mine
16. Wield
17. Just Me
18. Taut

* new material