Melvins Ready Ridiculously Rare ‘Endless Residency’ Vinyl Box Set

Anyone into rare vinyl and the Melvins needs to head over to Rock Is Hell at noon EST tomorrow, when the label plans on taking pre-orders for an 8-LP box set of live recordings from the band’s recent L.A. residency. Here’s the breakdown, via the Vinyl Collective

RIP44 MELVINS “Endless Residency” 8xLP Boxset

black wax, 450 copies
orange wax, 50 copies

4 silkscreened gatefold covers housed in silkscreened cardboard box
artwork by Mackie Osborne

RIP44-1 “Bullhead Live”
RIP44-2 “Houdini Live”
RIP44-3 “Stoner Witch Live”
RIP44-4 “Colossus Of Destiny, Lysol & Eggnog Live”