Deadbeat Launches IndieGoGo Campaign For Vinyl Box Set of Rare ~Scape Releases


Deadbeat has announced an IndieGoGo campaign to help cover the production costs of a remastered 6xLP box set centered on his 2002-2005 period of ~scape releases. The long-out-of-print LPs include Wild Life Documentaries, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and New World Observer, a run the producer calls “a trilogy of sorts.”

“My good friend Robert Henke recently said in an interview that the only thing an artist truly needs to create is the space and time to do so,” he explains, “and by that measure, this period in my life was a golden age, providing glorious amounts of both. My studio at the time was very meager, a little grey room with a half rotten balcony, some not very good speakers, even worse computer and a not very comfortable chair… I made things in that little room each and every day which made my heart race and left my minding reeling at the seemingly endless possibilities the simple act of making sounds and music opens up.”

If he’s able to hit his €6,000 goal, Deadbeat will have ~scape founder Stefan Betke (a.k.a. Pole) remaster the records in time for a winter release through his own BLKRTZ imprint. Here’s a limited-time-only stream of what’s at stake…