Members of Spiritualized, Hot Chip and This Heat Confirm Tracklisting, Release Date For Second About Group Album

Pat Thomas (a keyboardist/knob-twiddler for Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, etc.) and members of Hot Chip (singer/keyboardist Alexis Taylor), Spiritualized (guitarist John Coxon) and This Heat (drummer Charles Hayward) have announced their second About Group album. Due out April 26 through Domino, Start and Complete was as swiftly recorded–we’re talking one afternoon at Abbey Road–as the quartet’s last one, an improv LP for Treader. The difference this time? Each track was written by Taylor over the past couple years and shared with the rest of the group in demo form just a few days before hitting the studio.

According to a press release, “What followed was a collection of songs created in an atmosphere of close listening and instinctive group interplay. The instruments used are a rotating line up of drums, Wurlitzer, organ, piano, electric guitar and electronic textures, ensuring About Group combine a live-in-the-studio band feel around Taylor’s yearning vocal lines.”

You can sample the record’s lead-off single (the quartet’s take on Terry Riley’s “You’re No Good”) after the jump, right alongside cover art and the complete tracklisting…

About Group, Start and Complete:
1. Married To The Sea (a)
2. Don’t Worry
3. With Each New Day
4. Repair Man
5. Lay Me Down
6. A Perspective
7. There’s a Way To End This Run of Doubt
8. A Sinking Song
9. Nothing But Words
10. You’re No Good
11. Rough and Smooth
12. Start and Complete
13. Dreamt I Saw You Late Last Night
14. Married To The Sea (b)