Milosh On … Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins - 'Immunity'

As the year comes to a close and I think back on the albums that really moved me this year, I would have to say Jon HopkinsImmunity takes the cake. First off, this record made me incredibly jealous. I absolutely love this feeling, as it is one of the many gentle seeds that push me to create; it is the feeling of wanting to do better.

From a listener’s perspective, this whole album is perfect in so many ways. It gives you all you need in a record—kinda hard moments with immaculate production and a sexual pulse, beautiful moments that can bring tears to your eyes. You can feel your brain changing while engaged in his work; he creates an almost tangible world that’s worth staying in and worth going back to many many times. It’s a beautiful record with top notch production and beautiful songwriting. It instantaneously reminded me of what I like about music.

Milosh’s latest album, ‘Jetlag’—a collaboration with his wife Alexa—is available now through Deadly. Check out tracks from it, ‘Immunity’, and the singer/producer’s side project Rhye, below…