Mueran Humanos, “Guerrero de la Gloria Negativa (Robert Hampson Remix)”

Mueran Humanos

Seeing as how it has a high quotient of s/t-approved artists—everyone from Andy Stott to Vatican Shadow to the recently featured Max Richter—we’re a little bummed about missing ATP’s annual Nightmare Before Christmas event. That’s okay though; the festival’s record label was nice enough to share the following exclusive instead, a feedback-infused Robert Hampson remix of the Mueran Humanos single “Guerrero de la Gloria Negativa.” Both acts will be playing ATP this weekend, with Hampson’s mind-altering band Loop hitting the Pyewacket stage just after midnight and Mueran Humanos closing the Secret stage after Iceage on Sunday night. The pair will also play a one-off gig together in London next Wednesday if you’re into the idea of a more intimate affair.

In the meantime, you might as well feel the pain of everyone down below, right alongside a full stream of the Berlin duo’s freshly pressed Miseress LP…