MLML Makes Us an Emotive Mix For Midnight Walks and Basement Raves


Fresh off the avant-techno EP we unveiled a few months back, Telepathe co-founder MLML has lined up a couple unofficial gigs around this weekend’s Movement Festival in Detroit. To give you an idea of what to expect from their sets, check out the exclusive Needle Exchange mix below, along with some deeply personal thoughts from the Brooklyn-based producer….

I recently had top surgery and am three weeks into my recovery. My decision was an exercise to further dissolve my limitations of binary gender. I cannot do much with my upper body physically, so I take lots of walks. I made a soundtrack for going over the Williamsburg Bridge at night, observing the Manhattan skyline.

I wanted it to be a soundtrack for my catharsis as well as a colorful journey. I feel the mix is very emotive. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m DJing two shows in Detroit this weekend. The first one is an event on Saturday: the opening of the gallery Space 4859, featuring the Toby Motts exhibition Kraftwerk: Dance Forever along with Plastic Dreams and Cultural Traffic. The second show is Plastic Dreams throwing a basement rave starting at 2 a.m. on Monday. For the location, RSVP to:!

1. 1003 – Overall Severity
2. Claudio PRC – Into Virgo
3. Microwave Prince – Cyclic Evolution
4. Bass Commander – Music Telex
5. Artefact – Curvature of the Mind
6. Alignment – Planet
7. Archetectural – Poisonous Cocktail
8. Presion – Dominant
9. Rebekah – Riot Control
10. Tym – Brown Legacy
11. Oscar Mulero – Intentionally False (Shifted Remix)
12. Nico Moreno – Beyond the Limits