Needle Exchange

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 147: An Exclusive Mix By… Inventions, Featuring Members of Eluvium & Expl...

"[We] were fairly certain we were about to be killed or kidnapped"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 146: An Exclusive Mix By… Penny

Featuring Powell, Karen Gwyer, Kraftwerk, Jam City and other arty dance acts

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 145: An Exclusive Mix By… Patrick Sexx

A 'world of oddities', featuring everything from Peter Gabriel and Harry Nilsson to Wiley and Terror Danjah

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 144: An Exclusive Mix By… Trentemøller

"I kinda just do my own thing and try to be as open-minded as possible"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 143: An Exclusive Mix By… Lace Curtain

The Total Control side project splices YouTube footage with avant-dance tracks, power pop and crank calls

An Exclusive Mix By… Painted Palms

Featuring Psychic TV, Joe Meek, Clipse, Young Jeezy and at least two Coen Brothers references

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 141: An Exclusive Mix By…
Jar Moff

The PAN producer makes nightmarish mincemeat out of its 2013 catalog

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 140: An Exclusive Mix By…Wanda Group

"I guess it's a weird drawn out sound poem...and all that soppy soppy blood around the body shit"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 139: An Exclusive Mix of Tour Music By…Megafaun

Featuring John Cale, Albert Ayler and "the holy grail of rock-meets-minimalism"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 138: An Exclusive Mix By…Son Lux

"All that is left is a memory of the war, the struggle and the long dance"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 137: An Exclusive Mix By…Unicorn Hard-On

"It's like a bouquet of chainsaws with a little bit of baby's breath tucked in for good measure"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 136: An Exclusive Mix By…Dalglish

"Some things just have to be uncovered to connect the dots; I offer you a shovel."

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 135: An Exclusive Mix By…Ducktails

Featuring Sensations' Fix, Ariel Pink, rare Prefab Sprout recordings and more

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 134: An Exclusive Mix By…Dent May

Featuring the Monkees, Janet Jackson, Deee-Lite and other songs that can be loosely referred to as 'jams'

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 133: An Exclusive Mix By…Prefuse 73 + Teebs (Sons of the Morning)

"Some standouts during our journeys—a retrospect of sounds, so to speak"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 132: An Exclusive Mix By…Heathered Pearls

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 131: An Exclusive Mix By…Keep Shelly in Athens

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 130: An Exclusive Mix By…Lee Gamble

"We are not unique"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 129: An Exclusive Mix By…Deadboy

"Let’s get all our friends together and take E’s in a field"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 128: An Exclusive Mix By…Ikonika

Hyperdub's young gun returns with a record that's inspired by freestyle music and 'Gattaca'