Needle Exchange

NE156: An Exclusive Mix By… HOLOVR

Featuring previously unreleased material from Basic House, Wanda Group + more

NE155: An Exclusive Mix By… Alessandro Cortini

The NIN member presents Buchla pieces by Suzanne Ciani, Morton Subotnick, Charles Cohen and more

NE154: An Exclusive Mixtape By… Pye Corner Audio + Not Waving

Featuring Monte Cazazza, Chrome, Felt, Black Eyes, Powell, The Human League and more

NE153: An Exclusive Mix By… Daniel Miller

A deep set of tunnel vision techno and dank, dark atmospherics from the Mute founder/"Warm Leatherette" writer

INTERVIEW/MIX: Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv and Sons of Magdalene

"A black weight of terror stuck to my hip. The only way to get rid of it is to just take a knife and cut it out."

NE151: An Exclusive Mix By… Three Legged Race

"Just the last bit of leftover winter malaise seeping out and making way for summer to come rolling in"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 150: An Exclusive Mix By… Ought

Featuring Kate Bush, Grouper, Robyn, Arvo Pärt and lots of other acts that have nothing to do with post-punk

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 149: An Exclusive Mix By… TEEN

Featuring Alice Coltrane, Cocteau Twins, Aphex Twin, Funkadelic and more

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 148: An Exclusive Mix By… Principles of Geometry

Featuring everything from Peter Gabriel and Pye Corner Audio to Black Sabbath and Beautiful Swimmers

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 147: An Exclusive Mix By… Inventions, Featuring Members of Eluvium & Expl...

"[We] were fairly certain we were about to be killed or kidnapped"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 146: An Exclusive Mix By… Penny

Featuring Powell, Karen Gwyer, Kraftwerk, Jam City and other arty dance acts

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 145: An Exclusive Mix By… Patrick Sexx

A 'world of oddities', featuring everything from Peter Gabriel and Harry Nilsson to Wiley and Terror Danjah

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 144: An Exclusive Mix By… Trentemøller

"I kinda just do my own thing and try to be as open-minded as possible"

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 143: An Exclusive Mix By… Lace Curtain

The Total Control side project splices YouTube footage with avant-dance tracks, power pop and crank calls

An Exclusive Mix By… Painted Palms

Featuring Psychic TV, Joe Meek, Clipse, Young Jeezy and at least two Coen Brothers references