Needle Exchange

NE177: An Exclusive Ital Mix

The 60-minute set features previously unreleased material and a live take from his new Gang of Ducks EP

NE176: An Exclusive Pale Blue Mix

The Italians Do It Better co-founder delivers a touching tribute to ivory hunters, Monsanto and Walmart

NE175: An Exclusive Hard Left Mix

Motörhead, Hawkind, Lee Gamble, John Coltrane and more, in a mixtape from members of Black Tambourine, Boyracer, Lunchbox and Whorl

NE174: An Exclusive Marcos Cabral Mix

Featuring 60 minutes of forthcoming material for L.I.E.S., The Trilogy Tapes and Creme Organization

NE173: An Exclusive Mix By… MUTUAL

A serpentine set featuring Demdike Stare, Illum Sphere, Airhead and more

NE172: An Exclusive Mix By… Vision Fortune

A top-of-the-morning set featuring Cat Stevens, Karen Gwyer, The Caretaker, Freddie Gibbs + Madlib and more

NE171: An Exclusive Sherwood & Pinch Mix

A dub odyssey of the highest order

NE170: An Exclusive Mix By… L/F/D/M

Featuring Conrad Schnitzler's pop side, Martyn Ware's manic drum machines, Richie Hawtin back when he was good

NE169: An Exclusive Mix By… Further Reductions

"Spacey but driving, elegant but dirty, avant but straight-up dancefloor"

NE168: An Exclusive Mix By… Damon Eliza Palermo of Mi Ami and Magic Touch

Get lost in an ambient set featuring Grouper, Milford Graves, Boards of Canada, Vladislav Delay and more

NE167: An Exclusive Mix By… Juan MacLean

A set celebrating "records that are dark, brooding, and don’t really go anywhere"

NE166: An Exclusive Mix By… Black Strobe

Featuring Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, Pussy Galore and more

NE165: An Exclusive Mix By… Gudrun Gut

Featuring some Krautrock classics alongside selections from Arthur Russell, Moondog, Anika and more

NE164: An Exclusive Mix By… Sinkane

"I’m still searching for my place in the world. I don’t think I'll find it. It’ll find me."

NE163: An Exclusive Mix By… Lakker

Featuring Aphex Twin, Arvo Pärt, The Caretaker, Sensate Focus and more