T. Gowdy Makes Us a
Floatation Device Mix

Words + Mix T. GOWDY

Music affects my mood and I like it that way. When the world is just too much, I want escape into another world — to feel like I’m flying, lost in dark club, driving effortlessly on the highway, or floating in water. The latter of which I decided to express on this mix.

So please, turn the bubbles on, take some time off, take the edge off and enjoy floating.

Yours truly,


Teruyuki Nobuchika – Pulses
Folder – Attached Seeds
DJ Trystero – High Speed Wind
Pearson Sound – Raindrops Pt I
Roméo Poirier – Le bématiste
Pearson Sound – Raindrops Pt II
Ulla Straus – Net
John Cage & Alessandra Celetti – In a Landscape
Felicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – ME
Actress (Feat. Sampha) – Many Seas, Many Rivers

T. Gowday’s latest ambient-techno LP, ‘Miracles’, is now available through Constellation Records. Stream it in full below, along with some other selections from his back catalogue.