Make Us a
Genre-Less Mix


With only two months away from the end of the most eventful and memorable year of 2021, we decided to make a mix that reflects what we felt during these unusual days. It was a year where we spent so much time far from the fresh air and dazzling sunlight, but it was also a year where we couldn’t have gotten more imaginative.

No specific genre for the mix as usual — just gorgeous pieces that we love. Hope you enjoy!

Memetone – Flase Cobra
Del Stephen – Barefoot And Loamy
Motoko & Myers – Radiolarite
Ocram Orchestra – ? Water
Norm Chambers – Miniature Odyssey
Lucy Liyou & Yska – A Want
Million Brazilians – Tides of Air
Lee Gamble – Balloon Lossy
Yumi Iwaki & Ryan J Raffa – April
Salamanda – Offertorio
Australian Art Orchestra – Guguk
Denis Wise – Celes
Matteah Baim – Blossom
Southeast of Rain 东南有雨 – Day 42 Unwanted Bits I 边⻆料(壹)
Salamanda – Beyond Time
Ben Vince – Makeshift Paradigm
M.Ravel – Boléro (Performed by Herbert Von Karajan: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra)

Salamanda’s latest record is a lovely, weightless LP for Métron Records’ new small méasures imprint, which donates all of its physical sale profits to “incredible causes and organizations that we, and our artists, care about.”

The Seoul-based Salamanda — a.k.a. DJs/producers Uman Therma and Yetsuby — chose to support the Korean Women’s Hotline, a non-profit organization that has “helped protect women’s rights from domestic abuse, sexual violence, human trafficking, and supporting migrant women in Korea” since 1983.

Stream ‘Sphere’ in full below, along with another recent add-to-cart essential from Good Morning Tapes. Salamanda are also playing a rare live set this Saturday, the details of which can be found here.