Pedro Vian & Mana
Collide on Cascades,
Experimental Set

Mana & Pedro Vian live


Our mix reflects the same attitude we had during the recording of Cascades. We put our broad taste in music together in one constant flow of sensitiveness and melancholic hyperbole….

Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka – Behind The Hill
Holy Similaun – Mode Det Flios On
Kenji Kawai –  Street Of Hallucination
Curd Duca – singing stone ( pythagorean )
Bellucci – Can Be scary
Riccardo Sinigaglia – Urbana 1987
Christos Chondropoulos – First Love Fereter
Silvia Kastel – Spoons
Mana – Eye To Eye
Laila Sakini – Fleur D’Oranger ( Rise )
Autumn Fair – Halloween In The Garden
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Water Music
Valentina Magaletti – A Queer Anthology of Drums
African Head Charge – Family doctoring
Benjamin Lew – Profondeurs des eaux des laques
Carmen Villain – CV x Actress
Characi – Jim O’Rourke 6 Seconds Over Sheffield Mix
Nuno Canavarro – BLU TERRA
Duma – Cape to Cairo

Pedro Vian and Mana recently dropped their first record on Modern Obscure Music / Lucia Dischi. Stream it in full below, and look out for a rare live appearance from the duo on March 23 in Berlin.