Deru Makes Us a
Piano-Driven Mix


The process of writing my new record (We Will Live On) for a digitally-controlled analog piano brought up some themes:

Humans embedding themselves in electronics.
Machines living past us, failing.
The world without us.

Why? Watching a piano play my music ‘by itself’ is a somewhat magical and surreal experience. It made me feel as though I’d been embedded inside the piano itself. It made me think about legacy. Will we live on? Will we merge with technology, or survive through it?

So these are the themes in the music below:

Field recordings.
Analog sounds.
Digital electronics.
Haunting beauty.

And like the album, it benefits from headphones and closed eyes.


Ian Wellman – Wind in the Wires – Jan 2021
Ian Wellman – All my Friends Sat on a Hill and Felt the Wind Blow
Deru – The Wind (forthcoming)
Clark – Forebode Knocker
Lawrence English – Approach IX – Lara’s Theme
Ian Wellman – Gust of Wind
Deru – Incremental Loss (forthcoming)
Jacaszek – The Zone
Deaf Center – Time Spent
Nico Muhly – A Hudson Cycle
Johann Johannsson – The Candlelight Vigil
Goldmund – Leading
Hans Tammen – Music For Choking Disklavier – Point De Vue De Gras

‘We Will Live On’ is due out this Friday through Friends of Friends. Check out a teaser and some official clips below, along with a flyer from the record’s official release party in LA tomorrow.