NE181: An Exclusive Evan Caminiti Mix

Evan Caminiti


This mix combines some of the musical inspirations for my new album Meridian: musique concrète seances, deconstructed dub techno, and devotional trances, with a couple new tracks I’ve enjoyed while riding the NYC subway. There’s a little live Grateful Dead for good measure, because it works so well with Pierre Henry. (No, really.) I lived in San Francisco for a decade and never got into the Dead, but the combination of needing to tap into mellow West Coast vibes and enjoying the new Bob Weir doc made me reconsider. The mix is rounded out with a high point from Alice Coltrane’s fantastic devotional tapes from the ’80s. Her amazing synth playing is more akin to channeling pure light than coaxing melodies.


1. Pierre Henry – “Divinités Paisibles”
2. The Grateful Dead- “Feedback (Live)”
3. Lino Capra Vaccina – “Movimenti E Silenzi Per Spazi Bianchi”
4. Basic Channel – “Mutism”
5. Jenny Hval – “Holy Land”
6. François Bayle – “La Preuve par le sens”
7. Fluxion – “Influx”
8. Logos + Mumdance- “Bagleys”
9. Alice Coltrane – “Rama Rama”

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