Amish Boy Makes Us a Skittish Mix of IDM, Breakcore and Acid

Amish Boy

Having grown up alongside the manic beats of breakcore pioneers like Venetian Snares, Squarepusher and Kid606, we were thrilled to find a like-minded DJ mix from Amish Boy in our email last week. Kicking off with Kraftwerk and featuring everything from Aphex Twin to Autechre, it’s the perfect entry point to the Belgian producer formerly known as Sküge. Not to mention his mad-for-it debut EP, Laika Test Project, which dropped on Power Vacuum last month.

“This mix is somewhere between melancholic melodies, hard sounds and glitchy noises,” he explains. “It features electronica, acid, IDM, techno and breakcore—all the influences I’ve had since I was 14, right on through today’s discoveries. Whether you’re transported by the tremendous melodies or agitated by the drum-matic works of the best producers, you’ll find sounds you love and atmospheres you adore. Some tracks take time to imprint their feelings; others speak to your guts and dancefloor mind with their effective sounds. Enjoy!”

Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun to Compute
Exillon – Aeiou
Grischa Lichtenberger – 0311_01 Re 0510_24
GOODTIME – Like A River (Sunken Foal Remix)
Siriusmo – Itchy
Oleka – Biocide (Original Mix)
JoeFarr – Comp Killer
Oleka – Ostentiferous
Hiroaki Iizuka – Primitive Acid
JoeFarr – You Got Some Front
Randomer – Bring
Amish Boy – Laika Test Project
JoeFarr – Rolling And Thatching
Aphex Twin – Isopropophlex
Autechre – Doctrine
Amish Boy – Chucky Flesh lazarus
AFX- Elephant Song
Amish Boy – Jar Pots
Caustic Widow – Fantasia (aka Industro Garage Beats)
Exillon – Hardware Acid
Caustic Window – Joyrex J5 (aka 4-LOM)
SiBegg – Revelation Revulsion
Venetian Snares – Ketsarku Mozgalom