NEEDLE EXCHANGE 057: An Exclusive Mix By … Puro Instinct

“Here’s a list of KDOD’s Top Hits for the week of 2/22. Puro Instinct still hasn’t charted, but we’re optimistic. Try to scrape together some headphones for increased low-end stamina. Thank you.” – Frank Delgado, KDOD, Programming Administrator

Puro Instinct, Needle Exchange 057:
1. telephone – iron curtain
2. unknown – nikolai kopernik
3. vrijeme moze cekati – boa
4. don’t steam me up – al diamond
5. don’t worry ma – annabouboula
6. a love from outer space – a.r. kane
7. tragedy and mystery – china crisis
8. na drugoj strani neba – film
9. intelligence – virna lindt
10. selbzehn jahr – falco

Puro Instinct‘s Headbangers In Ecstasy LP is available now through Mexican Summer.