NEEDLE EXCHANGE 072: An Exclusive Mix By … We Were Promised Jetpacks

Words and Mix by Michael Palmer of We Were Promised Jetpacks

Hiya! I’m Mike from We Were Promised Jetpacks. Here’s a wee DJ set. The songs are essentially just songs that I like and I think go well together. I’m really not tooooo fussed about doing a DJ set where I play some songs for people. My record collection isn’t that interesting and it’s quite hard trying to judge a room and work out what people want to hear. I’m also not really too interested in having a common theme with songs, or a link in any way (“all of these songs were recorded on a Thursday!”). But I do like trying to make a whole bunch of different records by a whole bunch of different people sound like one piece of music that exists on its own. That IS fun!

I realize now that I’m relying pretty heavily on the Scottish band Errors. But fuck it. They’re great. Also, I hope they don’t hate me for putting acapellas on top of their incredible instrumental music. I won’t be telling them, so if they find out I’m blaming you…

We Were Promised Jetpacks, ‘Needle Exchange 072’:
Colonel Hathi’s March
Bridge or Cloud – Errors
I Wish – Skee-Lo
Sleepyhead (Le Chev Remix) – Passion Pit
Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
Seasun (John Talabot’s Kids & Drums Remix) – Delorean
Sexyback – Justin Timberlake
Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Remix) – New Order
Over And Over (Mock and Toof Dub) – Hot Chip
My Girls – Animal Collective
Intergalactic – Beastie Boys
Mr Milk – Errors
Like A G6 – Far East Movement
Reflections Of The Television (Errors Remix) – The Twilight Sad