NE083: An Exclusive B2B Mix Featuring Ital, Bookworms and Steve Summers

We’ve got one thing to say about the following mix: leave it to Mi Ami‘s Daniel Martin-McCormick to somehow make Sandra Lee–the Food Network host Anthony Bourdain once called a “frightening hell spawn of Kathie Lee [Gifford] and Betty Crocker”–sound like a bad girl indeed. We’re talking about a guy who sometimes goes by the name Sex Worker here, after all.

At any rate, 2012’s first Needle Exchange is a loft party waiting to happen. Not to mention a mighty fine introduction to McCormick’s Ital project, which will chase a string of stellar 12” singles with a proper Planet Mu LP (Hive Mind) on February 13th. In case you’re wondering, it’s about as batty as the warped dance beats below…

Here is the chat boss…

This mix was made in my loft, which I share with my buddy Nik, a.k.a. Bookworms. The loft is one huge room that stretches the length and mostly width of the building; I have a bed in an enclave and Nik takes the pullout couch. It’s a temporary and amicable situation that I’m glad will be over soon only because having your own room is nice.

That said, since I have to share this giant room (which includes a kitchen and more) with another person, I’m relieved and grateful it’s with Nik since he’s the man and we get along famously. Anyways, the setup invites a lot of social time. We have many of the same friends and when you’re sharing so much space, friends that were once the exclusive provenance of one quickly become mutual. Last week Jason–a.k.a. Steve Summers, a.k.a. Malveaux, a.k.a. half of Innergaze–was at the loft kicking it with us, and after a couple beer runs, I remembered I had this mix to do.

Obviously I invited them to join in–back to back is so often more fun than a solitary flight, and that’s basically how we did it. A couple times I went for more than one mix but generally it was a social affair, with Jason semi-frantically digging through my records for something he knew he could blend into. There are some sloppy moments:At one point when I was (ahem) DJing my own track Nik bumped the TT’s and it skipped. Oh well. If you’ve ever hung out with two stoner buddies and gotten on the decks then you know what this is like. If not, then I suggest you give it a try, cuz it’s a lot more fun than listening to other people’s mixes online. – Daniel Martin-McCormick