NEEDLE EXCHANGE 103: An Exclusive Mix By … Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum

Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum

Words and Mix by Phil Elverum

This playlist is what I would have playing in my house all the time if I wanted to have music playing all the time, which I don’t. There is maybe no cohesive theme other than that they are all my favorite song. Some songs are not songs–just fragments from soundtracks, instrumental backing tracks from famous raps, or someone noodling on a guitar in the other room. Some are fully realized, huge compositions. And some are straight-up song poems sung by charismatic figures.

I guess this is what I like–and try to do myself–about music, a drift between pure atmosphere on one hand and clear sung/spoken words on the other. If this playlist were a smear of ink, it would get blacker and thicker in the middle, around the wall of Xasthur, Es and Sunn O))). I am making no big statement with my curation here. It’s just the slow feeling of late evening, home alone, full mind, sun setting, and scraps of the dream world crowding in as it gets dark…

Mount Eerie – Needle Exchange 103:
1. Bernard Herrmann, “The Window”
2. Chrysta Bell + David Lynch, “Bird of Flames”
3. Adrian Orange, “sanz”
4. Clams Casino, “The World Needs Change”
5. Joni Mitchell, “Strong and Wrong”
6. Adrian Orange, “Fire Dream”
7. This Mortal Coil, “Another Day”
8. Will Oldham, “Give Me Children”
9. Gurdjieff/De Hartmann, “Prayer No. 2”
10. Kirsten BrÃ¥ten Berg, “Tirili Tovann”
11. Xasthur, “Prison of Mirrors”
12. Es, “Aavehuminaa (Katjalle)”
13. Sunn O))), “Big Church (Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért)”
14. The Bulgarian State Radio And Television Female Vocal Choir, “Atmadja Duma Strachilu”
15. Ry Cooder, “Brothers”
16. Smog, “Palimpsest”
17. Eric’s Trip, “Your Always Right”
18. Loren Mazzacane Connors, “Why We Came Together”

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