Night of Broken Glass: A Jay Reatard Mixtape

If you like any of the following tracks in our unofficial Jay Reatard mix, please support the artist’s estate by buying his music. And if you’re in any way affiliated with Jay and would like us to take this tape down, please just let us know. If you ask us, however, the only way to truly understand the guy’s short-lived legacy is to listen…

Night of Broken Glass – A Jay Reatard Mixtape:
1. Night of Broken Glass
2. It Ain’t Gonna Save Me
3. Blood Visions
4. Faking It
5. An Ugly Death
6. Don’t Let Him Come Back
7. I’m Watching You
8. I Know a Place
9. Fluorescent Grey (Deerhunter Cover)
10. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Unreleased Nirvana Cover)
11. You Were Sleeping