NOW PLAYING: A Roundup of Record Reviews, Featuring Bonobo, Bohren & Der Club of Gore and Mount Kimbie


Here’s what was on self-titled‘s office stereo today:

The Artist/Album: Mount Kimbie, Crooks & Lovers (Hotflush, 2010)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: Are we already in post-dubstep territory? Apparently so, and this is one of the tightest examples thus far–35 filler-free minutes of blissful/brokenhearted beats, cut with contemplative synths, disembodied divas and skittish samples. Easily one of the most promising electronic music debuts of the year.

The Artist/Album: Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Dolores (Ipecac, 2008)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: The kind of comedown music Twin Peaks fans play after killing someone in the name of Laura Palmer. Sure enough, the band’s from Germany and look like they’d hurt us–badly–in a bar fight.

The Artist/Album: Bonobo, Black Sands (Ninja Tune, 2010)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: People are still making proper downtempo albums in 2010? Yep, and this one’s actually really, really good. In fact, it almost makes us want to dig up our old Buddha Bar compilations and musty packs of incense. Almost.