NOW PLAYING: Benga, ‘Phaze One’ (Tempa, 2010)

The Details: Benga, Phaze One (Tempa, 2010)

A Short Review: One of the best things about Benga’s Diary of an Afro Warrior album was it actually sounded like one. Which, let’s be honest, is a rarity in dubstep music. The London producer’s new double pack EP is truth in advertising, however–six “strictly dancefloor cuts”–eight if you snag the cheaper digital version–that are repetitive, raw and woofer-ready. Pretty simple stuff for sure, but that’s the point, innit? And hey, if you need an excuse to head bang at home that doesn’t involve heavy-metal, the serrated melodies of “Mini Motor Cross” and the weebles-wobble-but-they-don’t-fall-down-ness of “Baltimore Clap” will do the trick.