NOW PLAYING: Deadbeat, ‘Radio Rothko’ (The Agriculture, 2010)

The Details: Deadbeat, Radio Rothko (The Agriculture, 2010)

A Quick Review: Let’s say you don’t know the first thing about dub techno but want a quick, thorough overview of subterranean sound sculptures from the past two decades. This nearly perfect mix CD is as good as it gets in the icy instrumentals department, from the many sides of Moritz von Oswald (Rhythm & Sound, Maurizio, Basic Channel) to such second-wave mood merchants as 2562, Intrusion and Deepchord.  And then there’s Deadbeat himself, who weaves four of his own tracks into a greater, deftly-layered whole that takes a while to get wound up and ends ever-so-suddenly with the laser canon lashings of “Deep Structure.”