NOW PLAYING: Harmonia & Eno ’76, ‘Tracks and Traces’ (Reissue)

The Details: Harmonia & Eno ’76, Tracks and Traces (High Wire Music reissue, 2009)

A Quick Review: If you’ve seen the BBC’s excellent Krautrock documentary, The Rebirth of Germany, then you know how this ends–with Eno stealing some of his best David Bowie ideas from his favorite synth-slinging trio. Shady dealings aside, this is an incredible collaboration–well worth its long overdue reissue and an extra 12-inch of remixes from Shackleton and Appleblim & Komonazmuk. Listen without any song titles or context, and you might even think this is Growing or Emeralds‘ latest album. Not quite, but Tracks and Traces is a nice excuse to keep your head in the clouds for 60 minutes at a time this spring.