NOW PLAYING: Jane Weaver, ‘The Watchbird Alluminate’

The Artist/Album: Jane Weaver, The Watchbird Alluminate (Finders Keepers, 2011)

Our Review: If Finders Keepers’ Web site is to be believed, The Watchbird Alluminate is a “collaborative LP with a close-knit group of musicians, noisemakers and vocalists/narrators to create automatic-music and re-illuminate an eleven-page novella about telepathy, technology, lost-love, wiccan, war and watchbirds.” A simpler translation: this a folk record–Jane Weaver’s The Fallen By Watch Bird LP, to be exact–refracted through the sepia-colored glasses of such s/t standards as Demdike Stare, the Focus Group and Susan Christie.

Available At: Boomkat · Finders Keepers