NOW PLAYING: The Penetrators, ‘Basement Anthology’ (Swami, 2005)

The Details: The Penetrators, Basement Anthology: 1976-1984 (Swami, 2005)

A Short Review: No, this isn’t a porn soundtrack. It is, however, the best garage rock band to ever come out of Syracuse, NY. Actually, that doesn’t sound like much of an achievement, does it? (And this is coming from our editor, an SU alum.) The Penetrators are basically the Gories of Upstate New York, a band that didn’t get any national attention until this reissue. And even then, we’re pretty sure you (a) have no idea who they are and (b) will love the shit outta every single song if you dig the Black Lips because this is basically their sixth album, whether or not those rotten Georgia peaches realize it.

Now play the following MP3 and practice your “rock ‘n’ roll face” in the mirror, okay?