NOW PLAYING: Thee Oh Sees, ‘Warm Slime’ (In the Red, 2010)

The Details: Thee Oh Sees, Warm Slime (In the Red, 2010)

A Short Review: We’re pretty sure this is the first time John Dwyer’s sparked one of his albums with a 13-and-a-half minute jam (the title track); as in a rock ‘n’ roll roller coaster we can’t quite get off of, not some sort of Phish thing. And the one line multi-instrumentalist Brigid Dawson repeats through the entire ride? “All you need is the summertime.” Indeed, and six more blasts of grit-encrusted guitars and head-caving hooks–all recorded in one afternoon last July–certainly don’t hurt. Be sure to hit “continue reading” for one of them.